Free Instructions on Card Making - Learn How to Make Cards for Any Occasions

More free instructions on card making will be added here as I make more cards to send out to friends whether as RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) or as swaps.

Here you'll find step by step explanation on all aspects of card making.

From the instructions here, you will be able to learn how to make cards for any occasion yourself.

Just study each card-making instructions carefully and also look at the supplies needed for each of the projects or techniques listed below.

If you have the required tools and supplies, you should be able to start straightaway and make some cards to send out to your friends or family members.

Instructions on Card MakingFun With Distress Inks

Why Card Making As A Hobby?

Card making is a great craft. A pastime that one can enjoy either alone or with other card crafters. It is a hobby that enriches the crafter and at the same time links hearts to one another through the joy of creating, sending and receiving. So follow the card making lesson plan and start making beautiful greeting cards.

I have enjoyed this craft so much. Let me see. When was the first time I started making greeting cards? When I was a teenager. Those days, I loved to write poetry and make note-cards. But more than twenty years ago when I was far away from home, I regularly made my own greeting cards to send home. I remember cutting and pasting pictures from travel brochures to a basic blank card, adding a message and sending that handmade card home to my grandmother. My grandmother only read Mandarin and then, my Mandarin wasn't very good. So writing a short note in a note card is so much easier. At the same time I was able to show her where I had been with the pictures beautifully printed on the travel brochures.

When I came home, I found that she had kept and treasured all those handmade notecards I sent her.

So I hope that you will enjoy these instructions on card making, learn a craft and reach out to friends and loved ones with your own homemade greeting cards.

cardmaking supplies - envelopeHand-decorated Envelope

Basic Instructions on Card Making

Card Making Projects

Instructions on Card Making Fun Projects

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Also do forward this card making website to your friends who are into card making or those who would benefit from this site. 

Have a nice day!

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