Card Making Techniques

Learning card making techniques to produce interesting and spectacular results in our handmade cards will be our goal here.

card-making techniques/Card-Making 101Inking a Big Rubber Stamp

Many times, we look at someone's creation and wonder how in the world did they do that. We can see the final result but wish that they will show or write us step-by-step tutorials on how it was done.

This is especially frustrating for someone who is new to the craft of card-making and am eager to learn everything from matting and layering a card to quilling or paper piecing a design.

Many of these techniques are simple to accomplish and you would be able to master them quickly but I will also cover those that are more complicated.

For more complex tutorials, you will need to be patient and practice a few times to get the desired result. And you will definitely be able to although sometime you might end up with something even better.

That will be real fun :-)

My advise to you is... work on the simple ones first and as you gain confidence, go on to learn the more advanced techniques and soon you'll be able to 'whoa' your friends with your beautiful creations.

Simple Card Making Techniques

For some, learning these simple tutorials might suffice. This does not mean that your cards won't be beautiful.

To me, every handmade card is a beauty to behold. 

Nail Polish Technique

cardmaking technique/Nail Polish Technique

This is a technique that calls for at least 2 bottles of nail polish colours. You won't need to use the whole bottle but just a few drops of each. You can make a few of these in a sitting and use them for making beautiful shimmer background for your cards.

Click here to go to the Nail Polish tutorial.

Simple 3D Effect

card-making technique/3D effects

Your card doesn't need to be flat. You can make them more interesting by cutting and using glue dots or foam tape for a 3D effect.

Click here to view how this is done.

Complex Card-Making Techniques

When I named this as complex, it doesn't mean that it's very difficult to master but rather that these compared with the simple techniques above would be more complicated and would also take more time and effort to accomplish.

1. Image Transfer

Image transfer is the technique of using solvent to transfer a photocopied or laser print onto paper, fabric or wood.

Click here to read more about this transfer process.

2. Photographic Transfer Using Liquid Sculpey

Another method of transferring images from photocopy and magazine pages. More costly compared to the first method mentioned above.

Check it out!

More techniques will be added here so do bookmark this page to stay updated for more tutorials and/or for future reference.

Have fun!

Cardmaking Techniques

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