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greeting card making showcasing some of my rubber stamps in drawers.Storage for Rubber Stamps

Because of the hundreds of card projects on this website, it can be a task searching for a card technique page, the list of cardmaking tips, or a special birthday card that you like to check out.

So this sitemap will serve as a list of categories of various occasion greeting cards, card-making articles, tools and supplies, template downloads and all other card projects here.

I hope that this will be a help you.

Happy browsing!

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Greeting Card Making Sitemap

Card Making Home

Greeting Card Business

Being a crafter is one thing, starting a business doing what you love is another thing. Here are some business start-up articles that will help those who are interested in turning their hobby into a business. 

Tools And Supplies

Basic cardmaking tools and supplies for starting this creative pursuit.

Make Your Own Stuff

Save money! Not everything needs to be purchased. Sometime you can create or concoct your own supplies  from things you have at home. 

Useful Tips

Must read! A whole list of really useful cardmaking tips on storage, caring for your rubber stamps, cleaning your stamps, etc.

Gifts And Gift Wraps

What about making your own gift wraps? Here are some ideas.

Detail Instructions

YOUR Own Space

I'm sure you've cards that you have made and would like to showcase here for everyone to view so that we can learn from one another. Read more about sharing your handmade creations here on this website by clicking on...

And here are the various spaces for you to upload your handmade cards. Make sure you upload on the right space for the particular card you are uploading.

Testimonials And Feedback

I love to hear from you. Do give feedback about this cardmaking website and how I can improve upon it. And if you like it, please let me know too. Thanks! :-)

Birthday Greeting Cards

Birthday cards are the most in demand greeting cards as everybody loves receiving cards and gifts on his or her special day. I have also started a website dedicated to celebrating Happy Birthday -

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for YOUR birthday cards or those created by other cardmakers.

YOUR Homemade Birthday Cards

Lots of cards by readers from all over the world. I'm so happy to see these contributions and welcome you to send yours in too.

Oriental Cards

chinese greeting card/Chinese Card

As I'm a Chinese living in Singapore, I'm influenced by various cultures and style of card designs, but for certain Chinese festivals or occasion, a Chinese design card is appropriate.

A few handmade cards created for Lunar New Year.

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Christmas Cards.

Christmas Cards

Upload Your Christmas Cards

Easter Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Mother's and Father's Day Cards.

Happy Mother's Cards

Happy Father's Cards

YOUR Father's Day Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Valentines and Wedding Cards

Valentines Cards

Wedding Cards

YOUR Homemade Wedding Greeting Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Baby Cards

Baby Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Saying 'Thanks' is important. Make it personal. Do it with a handmade greeting card. Here are a few for you to check out.

Special Day Cards

Photo Cards

Thinking of You Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Red Hats and Fun Cards.

Red Hat Greeting Cards

Art Cards

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Printable Cards

Printable Greeting Cards

Bookmark Ideas

Card Gallery

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for free card templates to make your handmade cards

Card Templates


Card Designs And Ideas

Children Corner

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all kind of verses for your handmade cards

Card Quotes And Verses

Fun Color Study

Search Greeting Card Making Sitemap for all Handmade Cards by Readers

Earlier Cards By Readers

Card Received From Friends And Readers

Achived Blog Articles

Card Challenge

Greeting Card Making Books And Magazines

Greeting Card Making Articles

Cards For Charity


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