Fathers Day Cards
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Here are two Fathers Day cards I have created to celebrate Happy Father's Day.

By the way, below this page is a whole collection of Happy Father's Day cards I have created, poems and quotes as well as links to printable greeting cards for dad.  So keep on scrolling down. Enjoy! :-)

Happy Father's Day CardHappy Father's Day Card

The first card took me more than a day to create because there are some stitching which takes some time to do. Also I was not able to find any ribbon that is appropriate for this Fathers Day card so had to go to the shop for it. I chose to visit a rubber stamp shop and fellowship with my friend, Joan. She has beautiful ribbons and of course, lots of rubber stamps. As a result, I spent the whole day there.

The second card is real simple. I used a rubber stamp I bought from Joan and the words for the card were from a two clear rubber stamps. What I did was to place 'Dad' just below 'You're Special' and I have the words 'You're Special, Dad'.

Anyway, here are the two cards and the items needed to make these Happy Father's Day Cards followed by the step-by-step instructions.

Card Making Supplies Used

  • Dark blue card stock
  • Light blue card stock
  • Sewing Machine or piercing tool
  • Off-White Thread
  • paper or silk flower
  • buckle die-cut
  • clear and silver embossing powder
  • dark blue embossing ink pad
  • knife
  • glue
  • ribbon
  • needle
  • Words Rubber Stamp : Happy Father's Day

Card Making Instructions

happy fathers day card/Happy Father's Day Card - Step 1
  • Cut dark blue card to size (height:8" / top width: 4" / bottom width: 3")
  • Draw a rectangle on the top of dark blue card. (Refer to photo below)
  • Machine stitch with white thread or pierce with sharp to sew by hands. (I hand-stitched it because the thread I used was too thick for the machine.)
  • Cut out the inner rectangular block.
happy fathers day card/Happy Father's Day Card - Step 2
  • Fold light blue card and place the dark blue card on top with the left side flushed.
  • Trim the light blue card following the same measurement as the dark blue card.
  • Place the dark blue card on top of the light blue card and lightly draw the opening onto the light blue card with pencil.
  • Ink 'Happy Father's Day' rubber stamp with dark blue ink.

happy fathers day card/Happy Father's Day Card - Step 3
  • Stamp inked rubber stamp within the pencil drawn block on the light blue card.
  • Embossed with clear embossing powder.
  • Ink buckle die-cut with embossing ink.
  • Pour silver embossing powder over the die-cut and shake off excess powder. Heat embossed.
  • Trim ribbon and thread through silver embossed buckle.
  • Glue ribbon to dark blue card just below the stitched opening.
  • Glue dark blue card to the light blue card.
  • Slip the flower into the ribbon as shown on photo.

More Happy Fathers Day Cards

You're Special, Dad!

This is the second card I was telling you about. It's a very simple card using white card stock and a little stamped neck-tie.


Cricut Father's Day Card

This is a Cricut Fathers Day card - Gone Fishing - a free card project for Happy Father's Day which you can find in the Craft Room.


Dad, You're So Amazing!

Another Cricut card made specially for an amazing dad using two cartridges: Birthday Cakes and Ribbons & Rosettes. No Cricut machine? It's okay! you can use a hand-drawn border design and cut out the letters yourself. It's easy!


card for dad

Daddy Dearest!

A big black bushy moustache and the words "Daddy Dearest!" make this a cool card for dad.

Download & print this card...

Will be adding more examples of these fathers day cards so do bookmark this website to see the new handmade greeting cards. 

Quotes & Poems For Dad

Father's Day Poems

Need a poem or  quote for your card or letter? I have collected a few poems and Father's quotes which might be meaningful to add to your Cricut Father's Day handmade cards.


Origin of Father's Day

Want to know how Father's Day came about? Here are all the facts about how it first started.

Click here to find out.

Printable Father's Day Cards

Check out some birthday cards for Dad here.

Don't want to make your own? It's okay! I have you covered.

Click here to some printable Father's Day greeting cards you can download and print on your computer.

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