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Greeting Cards For A Good Cause
raising fund for charity with card making

Let's make greeting cards for charity to raise fund for a good cause that you have an interest or burden for. Card making can be a good way to strengthen friendship and network with others.

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For those who have been making cards together once or twice a month regularly, you can go further by making cards for a good cause.

Choose a charitable organisation that the majority of your members are interested to support, approach the organisation and submit your proposal to the person-in-charge.

Get sponsor for card making supplies like cardstocks, inkpads, embellishments, etc.

Involving Family In the Project

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You can also make greeting cards for charity with your family.

Gather all your family members together and spend a few weekends making cards for a charity of your choice.

Children Participating In Making Cards for A Good Cause

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Explain to children involved what they are doing. Find out more about the charity and share the work they are doing to the family members involved in this project.

Children can help with simple tasks. For example, tying ribbons. Picture above shown my nephew and nieces helping to tie strings to the finished tags. Adult can cut the strings to the right length for them first.

Helpful Tips for Organising Card Making for Charity

  • Create a few samples of cards that you want to make for your charity of choice.
  • Keep card designs simple.
  • Does the organisation has a preferred color theme?
  • Calculate the cost per card excluding workmanship.
  • Submit your card designs for approval. Edit if necessary.
  • Find out how many cards the organisation would need and the when they need the cards to be delivered.
  • Submit manufacturing cost to sponsor.
  • Once everything is approved, inform the group of card makers.
  • Shop for needed supplies.
  • Schedule time for card making. Allocate supplies and tasks to each member.
  • Check on the progress of each member.

Homemade Cards for a Good Cause

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Singapore Cancer Society's Cervical Cancer Prevention Fund

Sponsored by a pharmaceceutical company, a group of card makers and non card makers joined forces to create greeting cards to bring awareness to Cervical Cancer. We supplied the labours and the pharmaceceutical company provided the fund to purchase supplies for this project.

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