A special birthday wish for a special person..

by Sheetal Rastogi
(Delhi, India)

This birthday card has been designed by me. I have not specifically purchased anything for this, in fact this has been created out of some waste paper material, wedding invitation cards, etc.

This has a unique combination of cool blue and green colour...with some cut work...in the centre...then different shapes have been cut out of the base paper and different coloured paper has been pasted.

To add a liveliness to my card I have added paper cut out in flower shapes.
And these flowers as you see on the right side have not been pasted but stitched nicely with a button at the top on them...adjacent to which i have cut out alphabets saying BEST WISHES of a different colour and pasted them on this.

The wavy border gives a complete look. The picture might not appear clear due to quality of the camera but the card when held in hands looks beautiful and displays an effort.

Thank you.

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