Decorative Punches Are Fun To Use!

I love decorative punches. In fact, I have more than 100 of these beautiful punches. Some have such intricate design that I just love to use them for my handmade cards. When you begin making greeting cards, you will just have to get a few of these paper punches. They are so easy to use and fun to design cards.

decorative punchesMy Most Used Punches

Decorative Punches You Want To Have

The above image shows you only two of my most used punches. Here are the whole list.

  1. Circle Punch
  2. Square Punch
  3. Corner Rounder Punch
  4. Lace Border Punch

Yes. although I have 100 of these punches, I only used 4 of these most often. 

The circle punch I used most often is one by FISKARS. It's a 1 and 3/4 inch circle and I love to use it for making a label for a greeting or a circle tag like the one above in the image with a handwritten 'Hello!', 'Happy Birthday to You!', 'Blessings!' or just any short greetings.

And same for the square punch.

The corner punch is surely a must-have for any card crafter. It makes my cards look real neat and professional when I round the corners with the corner rounder punch. Used it for my recipe cards and other projects too. A very good investment for me.

It's nice to have a border punch and I find that the Martha Stewart lace border is one I love and usually reach out for  when I'm making a greeting card that needs a nice border. I could place the lace border strip under the edge of the card either showing the flowers or without the flowers just by inching it closer or further from the edge of the card.

So including the above 4 punches, some of the basic other patterns you might like to have would include the followings:

Corner Punch: any decorative corners is nice to have but not necessary if you have a tight budget.

Basic Shapes: Square, triangle, diamond, circle (big, medium, and small) rectangle, heart, etc. all these can be combined to make up many patterns/images.

Leaves And Flowers: You just need to include at least a paper floral punch in your card making supplies. And some other kind of leaves and floral punches that you can use to create a whole garden.

Long Reach Punches: Punches that allow you to punch deeper inside the card

Punch Aid: Great tool especially for those who use the punches a lot. The one shown here is by Carl. My FISKARS and Martha Stewart punches are nice and easy to use so no punch aid is necessary.

I hope to share more next time on how to make great use of these awesome decorative punches in our cards and also include examples of how I use them.

Till then,

Happy card-making!

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