Gingham Daisy Card

by Judith Ford
(Dunbar -Scoland - UK)

Gingham Daisy card

Gingham Daisy card

This is a simple gingham daisy card.

Fold an A5 in half to make the card. Now take a 2 inch wide strip of gingham paper and cut to the length of the card.

Now punch out daisies with Woodware daisy punch. Start with the edge of the punch at the edge bottom or top edge of the paper making sure the paper is in the punch as far as it will go - this will ensure that your daisies are punch in a straight line.

When the first daisy is punched place the paper into the punch and leave about a quarter of an inch from the petal of the last daisy. Continue along until all 4 dasies are punched out.

You now attach the strip of gingham paper to your card - if you use 3d sticky fixers this will give a little definition to the card or you can use double sided tape to fix this paper to the card - your choice.

Once this is fixed where you want it, get the daisies and put sticky fixers on the back and place the daisies to the side of the punched daisy holes - gives a zig-zag effect.

You can use a peel off along the edge of the gingham paper if you wish or just leave - your choice.

At this stage I would heat emboss a sentiment on the front of the card or you could use feel offs if you so wish.

To finish your card insert an insert - use half an A4 sheet of paper and cut into 2 then take about a half inch off the top and the side of one of the halves.

Now fold in two and on the folded edge either at the front or the back - your choice put about 2 inches of double sided tape in the middle up to the fold and carefully place into the card.

If you are good with computers you could type a sentiment on the insert.

Judy Ford
Arts and Crafts instructor

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Mar 22, 2021
Gingham daisy card
by: Phillipa Reynolds

I love the simplicity of these cards.
Beautiful, well done

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