Hi from Texas

by Linda Darnelle Bowman
(El Paso, TX USA)

My name is Linda. I am a poet and published author. My book is Gems of Revelation. I love to make hand made cards using my poems. My poems are christian, inspirational and I send them for joy and encouragement. I love your site. I love to see new ideas and materials. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am trying to start my own business doing cards too.
Linda Darnelle Bowman.


Lord I want to thank you
For loving me like you do
For staying right there with me
For always carrying me through

The times get harder to handle
The load seems heavier to bear
My mind continues to ponder
Does anyone really care

There's something always happening
No matter which way I turn
Lord when is it going to be my time
To receive the things that I yearn

Everyone else seems happy
And are always up on top
But then you only see the outside
Who knows whether the insides are about to drop

And then I hear a whisper
Saying don't give up or despare
Your due season is right around the corner
It's coming on a wing and a prayer

Linda Darnelle Bowman

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