Image Transfer for Card-Making

Image Transfer is one of the many card making techniques that you just would like to learn and use in your handmade cards.

There are so many public domain/copyright-free images on the internet and in books that will be so pretty and appropriate to incorporate into your card designs.

These images can be easily transferred onto your cardstocks or fabric with solvent.

For this project, I used Wintergreen Oil which was purchased from a local pharmacy.

You can also use a Chartpak blending marker or lacquer thinner in place of wintergreen oil.

Caution! Wintergreen oil might cause skin irritation for some people so it's best to wear gloves. I used cotton buds to apply the oil and a tweezer to handle the soaked paper and used it in a open space.

Supplies Needed for Image Transfer

  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Black and White Photocopies of Choice Images
  • White Card-stocks
  • Metal Spoon or Burnisher
  • Cotton Buds
  • Tweezer
  • Scrap papers to line your table

How To Transfer The Images


Remember to reverse-photocopy when using texts so that your texts won't transferred reading backward. Another way is to photocopy on transparency/acetate first then turn it over to photocopy onto paper or if you are copying cliparts from the internet, just set your printer to reverse print. 

Laser prints can be used without photocopying.

  1. Cut around your photocopied pictures leaving a space for handling.
  2. Dig a cotton wool bud into the wintergreen oil and apply to back of image. The paper will become translucent so that you will be able to see the image clearly.
  3. When the whole image is soaked with the oil, place it face down on the cardstock.
  4. Rub firmly with the back of a metal spoon or burnisher making sure that you cover all area.
  5. Lift a corner to see if the image has been transferred. Be careful not to move the paper. Continue rubbing if image is not fully transferred.
  6. Lift and discard the paper and see your image transferred on your cardstock.

You might be interested in checking out the  other method of image transfer which uses Translucent Liquid Sculpey - Bakable Transfer & Color Medium.

Have a look!

› Transferring Images

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