How to a Make Greeting Card with a Simple 3D Effect
- 3 Easy Methods

To make a greeting card that spots a 3d effect is actually quite simple. With a little know-how and some planning, you can easily execute an interesting 3D greeting card.

Here are 3 methods to create a 3d greeting card. These are easy to follow and will help you make some beautiful greeting cards to surprise your friends.

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For this project, I'm using just one rubber stamp image and a small message stamp to illustrate the 3 simple methods. You can use clip arts or other rubber stamps to make greeting card that looks like the above.

make greeting cards/Typewriter Note Cards

Make A Greeting Card With Simple 3D Effect

Supplies Used:

  • 3 blank white folded cards
  • White card stock
  • Clings stamps by Hero Arts - My Type
  • Memento Ink pads: Tuxedo Black, Lady Bug
  • VersaFine ink pad: Smokey Gray
  • Acrylic blocks
  • Scissors
  • Fine black iarker
  • Ruler

Method 1

Below is the explanation for the easy method used to make simple 3d effect.

simple 3d greeting card/Make A 3d Greeting Card
  • The above handmade card was made by stamping the typewriter image with black ink on white card stock twice.
  • Stamp the message 'just a note to say hello' on the centre of the paper.
  • Cut closely around the outline of the typewriter image and across the top of the typewriter omitting the paper.
  • Slit a cut on the typewriter image where the bottom of the note is.
  • Cut out the note on the other stamped image. Make sure you cut beyond the bottom of the note to include about a quarter inch of the typewriter.
3d effect greeting card
  • Insert the note into the slit and glue it to the underside of the typewriter image.
  • Use double-sided foam tape on the underside of the typewriter and attach to the white folded card.
3d greeting card/Make A Greeting Card
  • Slightly bend the note and glue the top edge to the card.
  • Use a ruler and black marker to add running stitches around the card to make a simple frame.

Method 2

make a greeting card/3d Effect Greeting Card
  • Looking at the image above,  you would think that it's no different from the first card. Actually, for this, it simpler.
  • I used only one stamped image of the typewriter. Stamp the message onto the centre of the paper image.
  • Cut around outline of typewriter leaving a narrow border.
make greeting card/2nd Method to Make A 3d Card
  • Once your scissors reach the note area, trim closely to the outline of the paper image.
  • Cut two slits following the outline of the paper image until you reach the place where the bottom of the paper comes out of the typewriter.
  • Score the bottom of the paper image and fold towards yourself. 
  • Slightly bend the note and also the two top corners of the typed note to give a dog-ear effect.
  • Apply double-sided foam tape behind typewriter and attach to front of folded card.
3d effect greeting card to make/Make A Greeting Card
  • Cut out a small strip of white card, fold and use that to glue the top of note to the card below.
  • Use fine black marker and ruler to add faux running stitches around front of card.

Method 3

make greeting card/Red Typewriter Greeting Card

Okay, I'm bored with the black and white greeting card so I decided to take out my Lady Bug red ink pad and stamp the typewriter image once. But before doing that, I stamped in smokey gray ink on white card stock. Cleaned the stamp and switch to red ink. :-)

Stamp the message with Smokey Gray ink  in the centre of the paper image.

make greeting card 3/Method 3 to Make A 3d Card

For this method, it's just like the 1st method but instead of gluing the note to the front of the card, I left it hanging there freely after slightly bending it. Since I used 220gsm weight card stock, the paper is able to hold it's form nicely.

typewriter note card/Make Greeting Card

So that's it! Easy, right? You could use these methods with other clip arts or stamped images. Have fun!

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