Marbled Paper Card

by Alolika
(Malda, West Bengal, India)

Marbled Paper Card

Marbled Paper Card

Marbled Paper Card
Card Made Using Marble Paper & Match Sticks

A marbled paper card by using marble paper and matchsticks

This was really a good one that I have made for my brother.
He loves the sight of an Indian village so i have just tried to make it out.
The whole drawing at first I have roughly sketched on a paper then I have cut the marble papers accordingly and pasted it. IThen I used match sticks to border the huts and gave it an attractive look.

Flora: Alolika! This is indeed a good one.
You are so creative - using simple materials and things we have around the house to create something so pretty. I'm sure your brother will treasure this marbled paper card. Such a happy card. Make me smile when I see it - the birds, the clouds and the fruits on the tree - what a happy and peaceful village! - that's what I see.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.
Keep on creating, Alolika!

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