Paper Christmas Cards Versus eCards

Why a paper Christmas cards when you can email an animated Christmas card straight to your friend's inbox?

Which is better? A paper Christmas greeting card posted with real postage stamp or an electronic Merry Christmas with fireworks or falling snowflakes?

paper christmas cardsA Banner of Paper Christmas Greeting Cards

In this electronic world, sending an e-card is just a click away. And these are animated greeting cards that are so interesting and attractive. There are sound, movement and visual. The only thing lacking is the feel of paper.

So why bother to go out and shop for paper Christmas cards? Even so why go to all the trouble to make them yourself?

Well, below you'll see the many pros and cons of sending a paper Christmas card. At the same time, you'll also see why eCards are still so popular to certain people. 

Paper Christmas Cards versus Christmas eCards

The advantages of sending paper christmas greeting cards

  • It cannot be easily trashed away
  • It's more personal
  • The sender can add a handwritten message and signed by hand
  • It can be handled
  • It can be taken out to show to other people
  • It can be stored in a scrapbook and treasured; and then taken out later to view again and again
  • The recipient will feel special because the sender had taken the time and effort to choose the card and send it
  • The card can be a collector item one day

The advantages of sending electronic christmas cards

  • When printed, it can be stored in a scrapbook and treasured; and then taken out later to view again and again
  • It reaches the recipient instantly
  • It doesn't cost a cent to send the ecard
  • It does not need much effort and time on the sender's part to send it
  • It can be sent out at the last minute
  • It takes a shorter time to send out to all the people in the christmas card list

The disadvantages of sending paper christmas greeting cards

  • It's more expensive especially with the rising cost of postage
  • The sender got to go to the shop to buy the card
  • If homemade, need to gather cardmaking supplies and spend time designing and making it
  • The sender needs to go out to post the card
  • It takes longer to reach the recipient
  • The card can be lost or damaged in the post

The disadvantages of sending electronic christmas cards

  • It can be easily trashed away
  • It's not personal at all
  • the sender cannot add a handwritten message and cannot signed by hand unless hand signature is scanned in
  • It cannot be handled
  • It cannot be taken out to show to other people unless printed out but then it won't be so special
  • The recipient might not open it fearing that it might contains a virus
  • The ecard might not be opened because it could be filtered into the recipient's junk folder
  • The ecard cannot be a collector item one day

Christmas Verses

Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind; 

Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.

- Helen Steiner Rice 

Click here for more verses.

I'm sure you will be able to add more to the lists above and come to a decision whether you would continue sending out ecards or spend some time this festive season to shop for paper christmas cards, handwrite a personal message and post them.

Or you might go even further - gather your cardmaking supplies, design a christmas greeting card and make a batch of them. Then leisurely include a handwritten christmas greetings, address the envelopes and stick a postage stamp on each envelope, seal it and send them out to bring holiday cheer to those far and near.

Do it! Touch some people this Christmas. Show them you care. 

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