Patchwork Card

by Margaret J
(New Zealand)

Handmade Patchwork Card

Handmade Patchwork Card

This patchwork card was fun to make.

Here's how it was done

  • Using a white piece of card, attach strips of masking tape (make them all different lenghts and widths. Can be torn or cut.)

  • Once the tape is in place, take a few different small coloured cube ink pads that will go together and tap them one colour at a time onto the card, going over the tape as well.

  • Now using small stamps and a dark colour ink, stamp all over the card and tape.

  • Once this is done, carefully remove the tape and if you wish stamp smaller designs on the places the tape was.

  • Then it can be mounted onto coloured card that blends with the colour you have used.

  • Put on the greeting and it's all done.

    • Note: Masking tape is a paper-like sticky tape that we use for masking when painting windows so the paint won't go on the glass.

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