Pink Flower Card

by Heera
(Calicut, Kerala, India)

A Handmade Pink Flower Card by Heera!!

A Handmade Pink Flower Card by Heera!!

I made this card for a very close friend of mine! :)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

For making this card I used...

-a handmade paper
-a red scrap paper
-2 embroidery threads (red and pink)
-a few white pretty stones
-2 glitter pens (red and silver)
-a double sided 3-D tape

The card is pretty simple to make.. handmade paper is used as the base..
the texture of that paper gives a sophisticated look :)
better than using a plain paper,..

while cutting flowers i made sure that all the flowers were of exactly the same size.. kind of gives a neater look..

the flowers look as if emerging from the card because of the 3-D tape beneath.. i secured it with a strong glue..

you can also use ribbons instead of the embroidery threads, i thought it would be too heavy for the card..

write a small message like "happy birthday" or "thinking of you" on the small rectangle on the top. make sure that you have a good handwriting or else ask your friend to write it for you..!
yeah u can see that i have a very bad handwriting .. :)

for Decoration add glitter to flowers n hearts..
i used red n silver glitter pens not to mention the pretty white stones :)

and there it is! a lovely card! :)
i hope it impresses the recipient! :)


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