Teen Girl Happy Birthday Card

by Julia
(Gotenburg, Sweden)

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Teenage Sister!

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Teenage Sister!

Outside: I like drawing quite a lot and I had just read a article about Manga that had inspired me. So I painted the girl and cut the two background papers to fit. Finished! :)

Inside: Here I thought about my sister's personality. She's very sweet and shy, but can be very talkative and outgoing if she wants to.
The big size of the figures and the stars symbolizes her outgoing part and the butterflies her shy and sweetness.

I wanted to joke about this "teenage thing" because she's really not the lazy arrogant kind of youngster you can see in the left corner. :)

(In Sweden you don't become a teenager until the age of 14.)

The little teenager is also painted by me.

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