Tissue Moulded Pear

by Margaret J
(New Zealand)

Tissue Moulded Pear On Green

Tissue Moulded Pear On Green

For this tissue moulded pear, the tissue moulding was done with very cheap facial tissues.

How To Make

  • Lay one tissue at a time over a rubber stamp you want to mould

  • Spray the paper with water till it is well wet

  • Push it onto the stamp with your fingers till it moulds around the image

  • Continue to layer up the paper tissue , spraying each layer till you have about 6 to 8 layers,

  • Make sure you press the tissue onto the stamp each time you add a layer.

  • It's a good idea to have your hands very wet as well to prevent the paper sticking to your hands.

  • Allow to dry, (This can take a couple of days)

  • Now tear the edges to the shape and size you want and add it to a card.

What you are looking at on this tissue moulded pear card is the side that has been against the stamp.

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