You Warm My Heart

by Flora Tan

You Warm My Heart - A Teapots Card

You Warm My Heart - A Teapots Card

A lovely 'You Warm My Heart' card which I received from Karen Knegten. Karen is another online friend whom I got to know at MakingGreetingCard. She's from the United States and like me, spend her leisure time making cards.

I think we card crafters are a group of really happy friendly people and with paper, ink, glue and stamps, we make great lasting friendship with one another.

Karen's card is a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) card. She wrote that the tea pot images are from Bonnie for the image swap.

Geez! I will have to join the image swap too. Lovely images exchanged, used on cards and sent out to bless others. What a great idea!

Thank you, Karen. I love the way you display the images. Indeed the rubber stamped message, 'You Warm My Heart' is just so right for these teapots. Thank you for making my day.


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