Handmade 60th Birthday Card
made for a guy who loves music

A 60th birthday card with a special music theme birthday card design for a music lover or a musician will surely be treasured and kept in an album or possibly be framed and hanged on the wall of his music room.

Here's the 60th birthday greeting card I'm talking about followed by step-by-step instructions so you can duplicate or modify for your own cardmaking.

The above birthday greeting card was made specially for a friend who's a music director, composer and producer as well as a well-known guitarist whose guitar albums are being sold around the world.

Amazingly, when he was given this handmade birthday card, he was kind of thrilled that someone would specially create a one-of-a-kind birthday card for him. I think seeing the expression on his face when he opened the envelope and saw the handmade card is definitely worth all the trouble and time spent making this greeting card.

Surprised, right? Even guys love receiving our handmade creations.

So whichever guy in your life, whether it's your husband, father, brother, friend or your boss, whoever is celebrating his birthday, take out your card-making supplies and make a birthday card for him.

He will appreciate you for making the card and will definitely treasure the card you made.

Card Making Supplies Used For The Front Of 60th Birthday Card

  • blue color cardstock 8" x 6"
  • music theme patterned paper 3.75" x 4"
  • stripe patterned paper 3.75" x 1.75"
  • stripe of white paper or cardstock 3.75" x 0.25"
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • Blue color dye ink pad
  • Black color ink pad
  • alphabet wood mounted rubber stamps by All Night Media
  • die cuts for the numeral '6' and '0'
  • glitter glue
  • glue

Card Making Supplies Used For The Inside Of 60th Birthday Card

  • black color ink pad
  • red color ink pad
  • light blue color ink pad
  • alphabet wood mounted rubber stamps by All Night Media
  • a heart design stamp
  • acrylic block
  • happy birthday clear stamp by Hero Arts
  • music background wood stamp by Penny Black

Card Making Instructions

  • Score and fold blue colour card stock to make a blank 4" x 6" folded card
  • Use blue ink pad to color around the edges of music theme patterned paper.
  • Be careful not to press the ink-pad too hard against the edge.
  • Hold paper on left hand and the inkpad with your right hand.
  • Lightly slide inkpad against edges of paper moving your outstretched right arm towards you.
  • Do the same to the stripe patterned paper.
  • Attach both paper to the front of the card with glue; the music theme paper above the stripe patterned paper.
  • Glue the stripe of white color card on top of the card where the two patterned paper meet.
  • Attach numerals '6' and '0' to the 60th birthday card close to the left and near the bottom of the card.
  • Ink alphabet rubber stamps 'Happy' with black ink and stamp on the left just above the numerals '60'.
  • Ink alphabet rubber stamps 'Birthday' with black ink and stamp on the right just below the numerals '60'.
  • Ink alphabet rubber stamps 'th' with black ink and stamp on the immediate right of the numerals '60'.
  • Add just a touch of glitter glue to the numerals '60'.
  • Make sure that every elements on the front of the 60th birthday card is dry.
  • Now open the card and begin working on the inside of the card to add the birthday greetings.
  • Ink music background rubber stamp with light blue ink on certain area only and stamp on inside of card.
  • Ink alphabet rubber stamps with black ink and stamp message, 'Follow the music in your'.
  • Ink the heart design stamp with red ink and stamp next to the word 'your'.
  • Adhere 'Happy Birthday' message clear stamp to acrylic block and ink with red ink and stamp below.

That's it!

A quick and simple 60th birthday card.

Try it!

Just change the patterned paper and add a personalised birthday message inside the card for a complete different look.


The Happy looks a bit like Harry :-) Maybe should not have used this font set.

Anyway, do take a look at the letter 'a' after 'H' in the word 'Happy'.

I stamped the letter 'a' too far away.

So to cover up for my mistake, I took a black fine tip pen and draw the three 'rays' coming out of the letter 'a'.

Do not be afraid to make mistake. It's only paper and ink. You can always cover up with something else; a ribbon, a brad or some other type of embellishments, or add another image or come to the worst, tear it up and use on a collage card.

More important is having fun while you create. 

A Dedicated Birthday Site

Do check out my website which has handmade and digitally created birthday greeting cards as well as party invitations and party favors for this joyous occasion.

I'm trying to add as many downloads as possible so you will be able to download and print birthday printouts for any age group or design.

Have a look!


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