Card-making Adhesives and Tapes

Adhesives and tapes are basic and necessary craft supplies you need for almost every card making project. 

adhesives and tapesAdhesives Tapes

Whether you do collage, work with rubber stamps, quilling, paper punch art, or just a simple photo greeting card, you will need adhesives, foam-tapes or some kind of glue to affix or assemble your projects.

Having and using the right adhesive, tape or glue will ensure that your handmade greeting cards are well assembled and not falling apart in the envelope on its way to the recipient.

My Favourite Adhesives and Tapes

scotch tape gliderScotch Tape Glider

The above 3M Scotch Advanced Tape Glider is, by far, my favourite adhesive for attaching almost any paper projects. Though it's a bit big to handle but after using a few times, I like it above the other brand of tape runners because any unwanted glue residue can be easily rubbed away with the thumb.

Only trouble is when the tape runs out, replacing a new roll of the tape is not so user-friendly. I tend to get it wrong most time. :-(

scotch quick-dry adhesive from 3MAcid Free, Photo Safe Adhesive

Now, compared with the Scotch Tape Glider above, 3M has another inexpensive adhesive which is by far my favourite. It's the Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive (look at image immediately above). It's acid free and so is photo safe as stated on its bottle. It's only 59 ml but a little is enough to glue paper to paper and I like that it's stick good. 

Not affiliated to 3M but it's a glue that I will reach out to every time I need an adhesive while card making. 

glue sticks

If you can't find the above, you will definitely need glue sticks. They are very convenient for adhering punchies (punchout pieces). Great for any crafts for children too. Not messy and no sticky little fingers.

foam double sided tapes

Foam tapes are great for a 3D effect. They are double-sided usually with a green backing paper. I use a lot of foam tapes for my rubber stamping project cards. These come in rolls of different width. The narrower width tape is great for attaching stamped images onto cards.

double-sided tape

Double-sided tapes are great for layering cards. Just cut out to the right length and attach to your paper. Peel off the paper on the tape and paste onto another layer or your basic blank card. No mess!

uhu glue tube

I love UHU glue. No affiliate but just find that it sticks better than others. Just my preference.

Sometime when the glue got onto the card, I'll wait for awhile and rub it with an eraser and it usually comes off neatly. (Make sure that you use a clean eraser for this task.) UHU glue comes in both tube and stick form.

Cardmaking Tip:

  • It is not necessary to buy acid free glue if you are just making greeting cards unless you are also into scrapbooking. Anyway, because of the growing interest in scrapbooking, you will be able to find acid free glue and paper supplies almost everywhere. Just look at the label on the product to check if the glue is acid free.
  • Use clear embossing powder on colored stamped images. If you missed any stray powder, it's not noticeble.
  • Click here to read more tips.

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