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Here in Anna Angelou Page 2, you will enjoy another set of handmade wedding cards by Anna from USA.

Anna uses two computer programs, Painter and Print Shop, to create her cards.

Card by Anna AngelouFront of Wedding Card

This is the front of Anna's homemade card. She uses computer software - painting programs - to sketch and paint her cards. The message on the front of this card reads, "Shower of Happiness" above the painting of the bride.

Inside the Wedding Card by Anna AngelouInside the Wedding Card

The card opens with the painting of the bride and a message framed in a heart. Message on the card reads: "As you prepare to join the man of your dreams, we wish the road ahead for both of you be paved with love and happiness!"

The words are by Anna Angelou.

The wedding card by Anna AngelouDigitally Painted Card

The back of Anna's card with her signature.

Useful Cardmaking Tips

Advantage of using a computer's program to paint is that after painting the picture, you can use it again and again. All you have to do is save it, then just open or copy and paste onto a new page or space.

Also, if you make a mistake you can always undo and go on.

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