Asian Style Card Making Books for Making Oriental Greeting Cards

Asian style card making books are great reference for Oriental cardmaking ideas especially if you love to make Japanese greeting cards.

Making Chinese or Japanese cards will be so much easier with these oriental card making books and softwares.

asian-styled-card-making/Oriental Greeting CardChinese New Year Gate-fold Card

I have collected quite a few of them. In fact, I have a whole shelf of Chinese and Japanese card making books. Some are bundled together with a CD Rom. I'm able to view the images but will need a Japanese operating system to use the card making software or program.

Every one of these Asian style card making books have full color photos that are a feast to the card crafters' eyes.

So even though these are in Mandarin or Japanese, and if we don't understand the language, the pictures are enough to inspire and help us create some Asian style cards.

Beside, there are Oriental pattern sourcebooks that are written in English and these too are essential reference books for inspiration as well as ideas for layout, design and color themes.

My Favourite Asian Style Card Making Books

Below are some of the Asian style card making books as well as stencil and design sourcebooks that I love to use for my cardmaking. You will notice that some of these have a Buy It Now! clickable link. This is the link to the page where you can purchase this book from Hopefully, Amazon will carry more of these oriental card making books and magazines in the future. I will continue my search and include them here.

asian styled card making books/Japanese Design BookJapanese Design Book

A Grammar of Japanese Ornament and Design Dover Pictorial Archives 
By Thomas W. Cutler

This is a must-have for us who love working with Japanese design in our cards. Lots of inspiration within 100 over pages packed with Japanese floral motifs, sea life, and much more.

Buy This Book Now!

asian styled card making/Pattern Source Book 2Pattern Sourcebook

Pattern Sourcebook - Nature 2 250 Patterns for Projects and Designs 
By: Shigeki Nakamura

This pattern sourcebook comes with a CD Rom which contains 250 patterns in jpeg files as well as PSD formats which we can manipulate in Photoshop or other photo editing software. The files are in high resolution so the printouts are sharp and beautiful.

Buy This Book Now!

asian styled card making/Oriental Card MakingOriental Cardmaking

"Do It Yourself: The Story of Season - Make Your Card With Your Own Hands" 
By: Knowledge Publishing

Lots of ideas for spring and summer cards. The main technique used is paper cutting. The book is also full of colorful photos.

There is also the Autumn and Winter volume which is great for making Thanksgiving and Christmas cards

asian styled cardmaking/Chinese CardmakingChinese Cardmaking

"Paper Carving Classroom" -  Card Version 3
By: Chen Ee Chong

This is one of the many Asian style card making books that I refer to quite often. Lots of illustrations and full color pictures on every page.

asian styled card making books/Japanese Cardmaking BookJapanese Cardmaking

Japanese Card Making Book 
By: C & R Institute

Two hundred over pages of Japanese cards with a CD rom that can be used on Windows or Macintosh. This book covers everyday cards to seasonal cards.

asian styled card making books/Japanese Cardmaking BookJapanese Cardmaking Book/Program

Japanese Card Making Program 
By: Asahi Original

This book comes with 2 CD roms and can be used on Windows.

Most of the cards are for year 2005 so lots of images of the rooster.

I picked this up from Kinokuniya Bookstore.

The above Asian style card making books are great for helping us make some Oriental greeting cards as these were written by Asian card-makers and their creations though might be influenced by Westerner, they do still hold true to an Asian style for most of the card designs.

Useful Cardmaking Tips:

  • Clean clear stamp immediately with dish washing detergent after use. For stubborn stain, use a dish cloth to rub off the ink stains.
  • Use clear embossing powder on colored stamped images. If you missed any stray powder, it's not noticeble. 
    Click here to read more card making tips.

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