Blender Pen Fluid Recipe

Use this blender pen fluid recipe to refill your blender markers. It's very easy to make. All you need are the supplies listed below and a small container to store your homemade odourless and colorless blending ink.

blender pen fluid recipe/Blender Pen RefillHomemade Blender Refill Ink

You can use either a eye lotion bottle  or just an airtight container to store your blending lotion. 

I also like to store in an airtight container (refer picture above) and use a plastic pump to slowly drop the fluid onto the tip of the brush until it's wet and juicy once again.

Card-making Tip

Eye lotion expired quickly so why not recycled the tiny bottle by using it to store your blender refill ink, distilled water or other craft liquids. It is also small, light and handy for carrying around when you travel or out crafting with friends.

Homemade Blender Pen Fluid Recipe

What you need to make this refill:

  • 1-oz eye lotion bottle (one which has a dropper tip)
  • Glycerin - 1/3 portion (2 teaspoons)
  • Distilled water - 2/3 portion (4 teaspoons)
  • 1/4 teaspoon rubbing alcohol
  1. Mix all the above ingredients in the bottle.
  2. Just shake the bottle to mix them thoroughly.
  3. Refill your blender pen with the homemade colourless liquid. (See below for instructions on how to take apart your Tombow brush marker to refill it with this homemade ink.)

How To Refill Your Blender Pen

I use a Tombow blender marker. One end is a brush and the other end is a pen tip. If you are using some other brand blender, I think they should be quite similar to this.

blender pen fluid recipeBlender Pen Refill

To refill your Tombow blender pen, just pull out the tip covering with a pair of pliers after uncapping it. Be gentle and make sure that you do not use too much strength on the transparent covering. Use a tweezer to pull out the plastic wrapped tube. Inside is a fibre  or felt like stuff inside the plastic tube. You can throw the whole tube into the blender pen fluid. Do not soak too long. Just throw it in and take out immediately.  Or you could just use the pump or squeeze the eye lotion bottle to drop the fluid into the fibre shaft.  I prefer to drop the fluid drop by drop so that it does not become messy and over-inked.

After refilling, put back the tube into the pen barrel and push the pen tip part with the cap on into the opening until you hear a click sound.

For the brush part, I just pour a bit of the liquid into the cap of the eye lotion bottle and immerse the brush tip into the fluid until all the liquid is being absorbed into the brush shaped tip. You might like to re-do this step if your pen is really dry and needs more of the fluid to stay wet and juicy.

You can test it on a piece of watercolor paper that has been marked with a color marker.

Using This Blender Ink Without A Pen

You don't need to have a blender pen to use this ink. You can also apply it to your art using a cotton bud, a soft watercolor brush or a paper stump. Make sure that you don't have too much liquid on your brush or cotton bud. You might like to put a piece of make -up cotton in a small dish and then pour a little of this blender ink to soak the cotton, then dap your brush, cotton bud, or paper stump on the wet make-up cotton to pick up the blender ink.

The above blender pen fluid recipe can be made and used on water-based inks, pastels, chalks and crayons.

Have fun! :-)

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