Card Making by Helen Wilshaw

Card making by Helen Wilshaw is a page of unique handmade cards by Helen from the United Kingdom.

Helen Wilshaw had sent a few cards that I enjoy viewing and decided to dedicate one whole page to her beautiful creations. These are cards for various occasions.

Artist Trading Cards

Artist trading cards or ATC in short are lovely cards made to trade with one another. To find out more about ATC and to download ATC template, click here.

Artist Trading Card by Helen Wilshaw, a reader of this cardmaking website.Who's There! An ATC by Helen

Helen said: "I love this graphic. It makes me smile and somehow takes me back to my childhood ;)"

Naughty Girls - a Artist Trading Card - a collage.Naughty Girls ATC

Helen said: "I love this graphic. When I found it, I just had to make this ATC. Hope you like it?"

And scroll below for more card making by Helen Wilshaw.

More Card Making by Helen Wilshaw

New Baby Card

New Baby Card - pink ribbon and hand-stamped baby image make up this sweet card for a new born baby celebration.Congratulations!

Helen said: "I love this image. It's good for a baby boy or a baby girl and sometimes...less is more. Which is something I struggle"

Steve and Michelle must be delighted to receive this handmade new baby congratulations card from Helen. Pink and white with the sparkling pink blings on the head of the baby image.

Thoughtful Lady

Card Making by Helen Wilshaw - Thoughtful Lady Art Card in black and white and a touch of green.Thoughtful Lady Card

Helen said: "I made this vintage style card for a friend. I hope she like it?"

Surely, surely, your friend would be so surprised and awed by this beautiful greeting card you specially created for her, Helen.

This black and green greeting card is an art by itself. I love the colour combo and the soft touches created with beads, green colour gems that add a touch of bling, ribbon flowers with matching colour bead for the centre and sheer organza ribbons with satin edging. This handmade Victorian style greeting card is so well planned and skilfully made. I can see that much time and effort had been put into the making of this greeting card. Love it!

When there's more card made by Helen Wilshaw and she sent in more of her cards, I will add them to this page. So look out or bookmark this page if you are friends of Helen or love her card making style.

If you want to add your handmade cards and would like to have a page dedicated to all your handmade greeting cards, let me know and I will get one page like this up for you.

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