Christmas Post Cards
- Part 1 of Postcards Challenge

These handmade Christmas Post Cards were created by creative ladies for a group challenge. I'm privileged to showcase them here. This is only part of the collection.

I hope that you will be inspired to make your own holidays post cards by browsing through these beautiful creations from the following wonderful ladies.

Free Post Card Template

I challenge you to make your own post cards! Just download one of the postcard's templates and print on thick card stock. Each A4 size paper can make 4 pieces of Christmas post cards. Turn over and add color and rubber stamping.

Viola! Your very own handmade postcards!

The first three postal cartes were created by Jan Merkley from the United States and the rest by Valerie Smith from Canada.

Christmas Post Cards by Jan Merkley

Above is another one of the same design but a different color - Red

Merry Christmas! Another handmade post card by Jan Merkley with a baby Jesus born in a manger theme.

Another one by Jan Merkley - Children carolling in the snow with candle.

Christmas Postcards by Valerie Smith

Christmas Card Reindeers - stamped reindeers, joy & chalk background

Handmade Postcard by Valerie Smith (Canada)

Christmas card Mouse - stamped mouse, merry xmas, chalk background

Handmade Postcard by Valerie Smith (Canada)

Christmas card 3 Snowmen - snowmen stickers, chalk backgound

Card created by Valerie Smith (Canada)

Christmas Card Girl & Reindeer - tree sticker, girl/reindeer transfer, chalk backgound

Card created by Valerie Smith (Canada)

Christmas card Gold Stars - star stickers, stamp Merry Xmas, chalk background

Handmade carte postal by Valerie Smith (Canada)

Do try making your own! It's really quite fun to do so. You can also use your computer to create the back of the card and put Carte Postale for French and use some Paris stampss or images for a fun mail card.

Talking of mail card, these are great as mail art as they are less expensive to send out to many people. Of course, you could add more to it by apply glitters, and other embellishments but with these 3D look, the card will cost more to send. And you might want to put it in an envelope to protect your artwork after all.

This page is the first part of the group Christmas postal cards challenge. Check out the second part by clicking here. The second part of the collection featured handmade creations by other card makers; namely Rosie Guiher from USA, Claude Aimee Villeneuve from Canada, more cards by Valerie Smith from Canada and one by myself.

It would be fun to resurrect this group challenge.

Christmas Wordings

Add a Christmas quote or Christmas card verse to your Christmas carte postal.

› Christmas Postcards

› Christmas Postcards

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