Handmade Background Paper

D.I.Y. handmade background paper are unique and are easy to create.

Make as many as you like or just one to incorporate into your card as a background layer like what I did as shown on the image immediately below.

handmade background paperLace Background Design

The above lace background design was done using a lace curtain placed over a sheet of A4 white card-stock and sprayed with Tattered Angels's Glimmer Mist, a water-based coloured ink.

If you don't have Glimmer Mist, you can also mix a spray bottle of watercolour or poster colour with water. Try out the colour intensity on a piece of scrap card or paper first. Add more ink if the colour is not strong enough. 

Share well before spraying onto the lace covered card-stock. Make sure all area are covered with the colour then lift up the lace and see the magic. Leave the card to be dried before touching the sprayed surface.

Wash lace curtain immediately. My lace is clean and white without any stain after hand washing.

More Handmade Background Paper

And here are more ways to make background paper for your card-making

Instead of buying those designer paper, try this. These could save you some money for other card making's tools.

You could also use these handmade background paper to wrap small gifts.

Notes: I did these handmade background papers in a sketch book I bought from the art shop. But you can do yours on any thicker than 100 gsm plain white paper.

Pink And Orange Dragonflies Background Paper

Dragonflies Background 01small.jpg

Supplies Needed:

1. Plain paper

2. Dragonfly rubber stamp (Stamp Credit: Magenta Rubber Stamp)

3. ZIG Dotta Riffic markers (Baby Pink & Apricot)

4. Brilliance Inkpads ( Pearlescent Orchid & Pearlescent Orange)


1. Ink dragonfly stamp with the Pearlescent Orchid inkpad and stamp randomly all over the plain paper. Leave spaces enough to stamp the orange colored dragonflies.

2. Ink dragonfly stamp with the Pearlescent Orange inkpad and stamp in the remaining empty spaces.

3. Use the ZIG Dotta Riffic markers to draw dots.

Tips: I love to use the ZIG dotta Riffic markers and I used them often. Many times, I used them to cover up mistakes. Like when I stamped the dragonflies for this background paper, I spaced the dragonflies too far apart and the whole background looks kind of empty and incomplete. So Dotta Riffic markers came to the rescue. ;~D

Rose Background Paper


Supplies Needed:

1. Plain Paper

2. Rose Rubber Stamp (Stamp Credit: Magenta Rubber Stamp)

3. Brilliance Inkpad (Pearlescent Beige)


1. Ink rose rubber stamp with Pearlescent Beige inkpad.

2. Stamp randomly all over the plain white paper.

Tips: Try stamping with other ink colors. Or use a different design stamp.


Supplies Needed:

1. Plain paper

2. Heart rubber stamp (Stamp Credit: Unknown)

3. ZIG Dotta Riffic markers (Pure Red)

4. Brilliance Inkpad ( Rocket Red)


1. Ink heart stamp with the Brilliance Rocket Red inkpad and stamp randomly all over the plain paper.

2. Use the ZIG Dotta Riffic marker to draw dots in-between the stamped hearts.

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