Handmade Cards 001 - This Page Showcase Cards From My Friends

Handmade Cards 001: A gallery of handmade cards by card designers all over the world. Homemade cards received from friends are so precious and ought to be treasured.

Browse through them and maybe you might be inspired to create your own handmade cards. Every card is created with much care and love. I'm blessed to received these cards and want to share them with you.

Handmade Cards 001

pressed flowers card 1

This is one of the many pressed flowers' cards I received from Mayanthi Samarawichrama, a reader from Sri Lanka. Mayanthi does beautiful designs with dried flowers.

kimono rubber stamp card

Nancy sent me this lovely kimono rubber stamp card all the way from Wisconsin. The Japanese script behind the kimono is stamped on designed vellum paper. Lookout, Nancy! I'll be sending you one of my homemade cards very soon.

asian style rubber stamps card

A beautiful celestial card from Julie Kosokuo. Thank you Julie. When are you coming to Singapore?

flora handmade card

Here's a spring floral card from Linda McKay, one of my StampersHaven's friends. I especially enjoy the message inside the card. Message: Wishing you songbirds to welcome each morning, Wishing you flowers to brighten each spring, Wishing you laughter, and sharing and caring, And all the joy that each new day can bring!

chinese greeting card

Another beautiful RAK (Random Acts Of Kindness) card from afar. Here is a homemade greeting card from Dee Beattie - a Rooster Chinese New Year Card - Notice the black background that Dee created with stamps and gold ink. Thanks Dee! I love your RAK. Wishing you a happy year of great stamping in 2005 too.

japanese greeting card

A beautiful handmade card by Heather Taylor - blue and white - what a lovely card! Heather wished me happiness, health and creativity along with this card. Three important elements of life. Thank you, Heather.

japanese lady card

A Oriental Valentines from Eileen Byers. Thank you, Eileen. You put in so much works on this lovely card; puncharts, rubber-stamping, layering and glitters too.

chinese postcard

A Rooster Postcard from Sandra McKenna. It's a store-bought postcard but Sandra stamped the message portion with some oriental stamps. Thank you, Sandra.

homemade oriental greeting card

A lovely Oriental Card from Debbie Steinman. Debbie layered the oriental lady on a skin tone paper stamped with a Japanese script on the right. Simple and yet so impressive.

I received a small packet from Pat Bloomfield and in this packet, there is this Geisha Card and also a Pear tag.

Look at the tiny lilac fasteners - so sweet!

japanese geisha card
pear tag

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