Handwritten Father's Day Card

by Cherry Yap
(California, USA)

My Handwritten Father's Day Card

My Handwritten Father's Day Card

Below is the instructions for making this handwritten Father's Day Card.

Cardmaking Supplies Used:

  • a ready made empty greeting card
  • a motif paper
  • glue
  • gold ribbon
  • sticker
  • stamp block
  • gold stamp ink

Step by Step Instructions:

  • 1. Cut a square hole in the middle of the front layer of the card (My measurement was 8cm x 8cm).

  • 2. Cut the motif paper as the same size of the card (together with the hole).

  • 3. Glue both papers.

  • 4. Glue the gold ribbon to frame the square hole.

  • 5. On the inside part of the card, I stamped the stamp block all over the card as the background, using gold stamp ink.

  • 6. Stick a circle sticker in the middle of the card, or rather inside the square hole.

  • 7. Write message accordingly. (I'd prefer using a ready-made stamp or print the message, but both were not available at that time when I made this Handwritten Father's Day Card).

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Jun 26, 2008
Personalized Handwritten Father's Day Card
by: Flora Tan

Hi Cherry!

Thank you for sharing this Handwritten Father's Day Card. The fact that you wrote the message inside the card makes it so much more personal.

I also love the bright color combination you used. Bright and Shining! Lovely!

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