Paper-trick Birthday Card

by Cherry Yap
(California, USA)

Birthday card using different papers and handwritten message

Birthday card using different papers and handwritten message

Lately, I've been obsessed making Cards by using different type of paper, especially motifs, with some ribbon, stamp, stickers and writing.

This is the 1st Birthday card I just made recently for my cousin with a failed stamp by using veggie.


  • A blank greeting card
  • 2 different motif papers
  • Stamp block
  • Gold stamp ink
  • A cut out cabbage
  • Watercolor (I used pink and blue)
  • Ribbon
  • Gold & purple ink pen
  • Flower shape punch
  • Round sticker

Step by Steps:

  • 1. Cut the stripes motif paper to occupy 3/4 of the card (position it horizontally/landscape).

  • 2. Cut the pink motif paper to occupy the remaining space of the card.

  • 3. Glue both papers on the blank card.

  • 4. Glue the ribbon to act as divider.

  • 5. Apply blue and pink watercolor on the cut out cabbage, dab a little on tissue to dry it out, stamp on the card (warning: should let it dry longer).

  • 6. My stamp block is a big square with a lot of leaves design. Since I only want a piece of that leave, I used a stick-on paper to cover the other part of the unwanted pattern.

  • 7. Stamp on the card at the 4 corners.

  • 8. Draw 4 lines to frame it by using gold ink pen.

  • 9. Write message in the middle.

  • 10. Punch pink paper using the puncher and stick on it.

  • 11. Stick the round sticker on top, draw half frame using purple ink and write another message in it and this birthday card is done.

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Jun 26, 2008
Lovely Birthday Card! Lucky Cousin!
by: Flora Tan

Hi Cherry!

What a lovely Birthday Card! I'm sure your cousin will treasure it. The fact that it's specially handmade by you for her is reason enough for her to keep and treasure it. It's a lovely card to receive for ones birthday.

I have a page on veggie stamping - I called it Green Stamping.

For veggie stamping, try using acrylic paint, direct inking from your ink pad or markers. Also as you mentioned, make sure the veggie stamp is dry. I leave it overnight to dry. The design will be more obvious when the moisture almost all gone.

Wow! A lovely birthday card indeed! Thank you for sharing, Cherry.

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