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A Poem For Mother

A lovely poem for mother by Mandy Howe, a visitor to this cardmaking website.

Mandy wrote this poem to wish her mom a Happy Mother's Day. This is what she said in her email to me:

This is a verse I recently wrote for my Mam on Mothers Day that I am happy to share with you.

Mandy's Poem For Mother

What is a mam?
by Mandy Howe

I love you mam with all my heart
Throughout my life you've played a big part
Whenever I've turned you've always been there
To give me your love, to show that you care.

If I've made mistakes, you have never complained
Your love is un-conditional, it has always remained
Nothing is ever a problem to you
Your kindness and strength always shines through

As I grew up and found someone to love
You put your faith in me just like I knew you would
The day that I married was the proudest of my life
To have my mam and dad see me become Ian's wife

When I got married I bet you thought, that's it she had gone
But what happened that day was you gained a new ?son?.
Mam we both love you for your kind caring ways.
You brighten our lives on the darkest days

Thank you mam for just being you
For guiding us and helping us through
You've always been there through trouble and strife
You've picked up the pieces and shaped my life

Mother's day is for special people like you
But you deserve every day to be special the whole year through
Happy mother's day from your daughter and 'son'
Thank you so much just for being our mum.

Thank you so much and God bless you, Mandy, for sharing with us your lovely poem for mother. I'm sure your mom must be real proud to receive this touching poem and know that she is loved and have been a great inspiration to her daughter and son-in-law.

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Ideas for Using Mothers Day Poems

Handwrite a mother day poem on decorated paper and insert inside your handmade card.

Print it using your computer printer on vellum. First, choose an appropriate font. Make sure that the font size is big enough to be read when printed.

If the poem is short enough, you can print it on the front of your card and surround it with rubber stamp or clipart images.

Read it to your mom on Mother's Day - maybe during lunch or dinner.

Print it on color vellum, burn the edges and roll it like a scroll and tie a ribbon and present it with your mother's day gift to your mom.

I'm sure you will find many other creative ways to use these Mothers Day poems to make Mother's Day memorable.

Thank you for visiting. Remember to bookmark this website.

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