Make Your Business Cards Work for You

Your business cards are very important in portraying your professional image to your customers. Design and print them right and you can make your cards work for you in bringing in customers for your work at home greeting card business.

Note : The informations here on this webpage is relevant to any work at home craft business or other home business.

It is a good tool to promote your business. So do not try to save on the printing cost.

Make it simple but have it printed professionally. Choose good quality cardstock. Off-white or white would be a good choice for any business cards.

The following particulars should be included in your business cards:

  • Your Name
  • Title - Give yourself a title. Manager, Director, Creative Director. Any title that will convey the right image about you and your service. You can always call yourself a 'Creative Entrepreneur', 'Card Sender' if you could not find a suitable title for yourself.
  • Company Name - You should have chosen your company name when you registered your business and got your home business license so proudly place it here.
  • Address - Your home address is always good unless you want some privacy then you might want to register a postal box for your work at home business and put your P.O. Box address here. Take note that usually, people like to do business with a real address though.
  • Contact No. - Your home and/or mobile no. I like to put my mobile no with incoming call id so I have the number of the person calling me. Just in case I need to call back which is often.
  • Email Address - Now email address is so important to conduct any kind of business and this greeting card business is no different. Register for a yahoo, google gmail or hotmail if you don't have a paid email address to communicate with your clients. If you have a website (see below), you will have an email address that comes with your website. (For example, Website: Email:
  • Website URL - It's good to have a website for your business. That's where your clients or prospective clients can view your works or know more about you. (If you do not know how to build one, I recommend using Site Built It! which is just great because everything is included in the package and by following their handbook, you'll be able to build a website with good healthy traffic.This means that people who are searching for your products or service can find you. This is very important as it will help to bring in clients to your greeting card business.)
  • Your business slogan (if any) - Saw mine on my website? 'Celebrating Creativity! Connecting Lives! ~ bringing cheer one card at a time.' Create one of your own and place it in your stationery and website.

You can choose a different size card and have it printed landscape or portrait style. The traditional or standard size of business cards is 5.5cm x 9cm. I personally like size 8.5cm X 4.5 cm better. Looks great and can easily slip my business cards into a card pocket.

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Celebrating Creativity! Connecting Lives!
~ bringing cheer one card at a time.

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