Sell Cards!
Making & Selling Your Own Handmade Cards.

Sell cards to help fund your hobby?

Or to supplement your income?

And later when it becomes big, to quit your day job and work full time at home.

If this is what you are looking for, then I believe I can help.

Sell cards - your own handmade cards.Pretty Pink Party Dress Birthday Card

Have you thought of helping others to send out cards? Real estate agents, insurance agencies, beauty and hair salons, and many other big and small businesses need someone to send out cards to their clients and prospects.

This is call 'Relationship Marketing'. By sending greeting cards to their clients and prospects, they are building relationships with them. People just love to buy from those they know and like. So to build a warm market, companies are sending out greeting cards to their customers. They usually have a database with birthdays of their customers.

And this is where you come in. You don't sell cards. You sell your service to them.

Instead of selling your cards, you help them send out greeting cards to their clients and build yourself a big greeting card business.

For example, ...

  • A pet shop - take photos of their clients' pets and send a personalised greeting card with their pet's photo on it. Wow, it's more likely that they will send their pets to the shop for grooming than elsewhere, right?
  • A vet - same as a pet shop. But to remind them of their pets' next appointment, etc.
  • Hair or beauty salon - have you ever hear of salons sending greeting cards to their customers? Well, this can surely bring them more customers or keep their customers coming back to their salons.
  • How about a restaurant? Send a Thank You card with a recipe or a discount coupon for the next meal.
  • A real estate agent - he or she takes a photo of their client in front of a house they had just viewed, and you put in a caption like, "Beautiful people deserves a beautiful house!".

Wow! If you can present these innovative ideas to your clients or prospects; the real estate agent, the beauty salon or pet shop in your neighbourhood, you won't need to sell cards. You'll be sending cards as a work at home greeting cards business. Isn't this neat?


Enjoy the craft... and sell cards by helping others to send out cards and touch lives!

Flora Tan

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