Christian Christmas Verses
Share the True Spirit of Christmas in Your Christmas Cards

Christian Christmas verses for your handmade cards. When I send my handmade Christmas cards to my Christian friends, I like to add Christian words inside the cards. I also like to add a scripture verse on the bottom left inside the card.

christmas verses - jesus is the reason for this christmas season

I have added this page of religious Christmas verses here for you to use freely. If you have any Christian Christmas wordings or sayings to share with us, please contact me. And I will add your Christian Christmas verses to this page. 

Christian Christmas Verses

May your heart and home be filled 

with the true spirit of Christmas 


May God fill your life 

with love, joy and peace 

this Holiday Season 

and throughout the New Year.

May the wonder 

of that first Christmas 

be with you always!

Count your blessings, 

count them one by one. 

Count your blessings, 

see what God has done! 

Merry Christmas!

May His Love and Presence 

fill you to overflowing 

and bring you 

a most Joyous Christmas.

God bless you 

at Christmas and always.

Wishing You 

His Fullest Blessings 

This Christmas Season.

This Christmas 

may you know Him more fully 

through the love and grace 

He so richly bestows.

May His love surround you 

at Christmastime and always.

May Jesus always be 

your joy, your hope, your song. 

And may this Christmas 

and each day of the new year 

be directed by His guiding hand of love!

We pray you'll discover 

many beautiful new reasons 

to praise God 

during this holy season.

May the Song of the Angels 

Of Glory to God 

And Peace to His people on earth 

Be ever more true 

In your home, in your heart 

And throughout the land of your birth.

God gave His greatest gift to us 

on that first Christmas Day 

and may the wonder of it 

always guide and light your way... 


A Christmas wish 

That Christ's great love, 

His grace and goodness, too, 

May fill your heart 

And bless you now 

And all the whole year through.

They brought Him gold 

And frankincense and myrrh, 

These Magi from the East, 

Now let us offer Him our hearts, 

A gift of love on this great feast. 


Peace, good will and happiness 

for you at Christmas and always.

May you have the gift of faith, 

the blessing of hope 

and the peace of His love 

at Christmas and always.

God sent his son 

to bring us love, 

Now may that love be near 

to fill your life 

with peace and joy 

throughout a bright New Year.

May the Bethlehem Angels 

Over you this Christmas rest, 

Lighting all your paths with favor 

Of the newborn Savior blest.

We pray you'll discover 

many beautiful new reasons 

to praise God 

during this holy season.

Wishing you every blessing 

as we celebrate the birth of Jesus 

- our Lord, our Savior, our all.

May the wonder of that first Christmas, 

the joy of God's abundant blessings, 

and the peace of Jesus' presence 

be with you always.

May Joy be your gift at Christmas 

and may Faith, Hope and Love 

be your treasures in the New Year.

May happiness be yours 

during his season of goodwill 

and may the New Year 

bring peace on Earth.

Wishing you every blessing 

as we celebrate the birth of Jesus 

- our Lord, our Savior, our all.

Jesus is our hope for peace on earth, 

for peace of heart. 

May Christ be newborn in our world 

and in your heart this Christmas.

May your eyes, mind and heart 

be filled with the true spirit of Christmas 


JESUS is the reason 

for this Christmas Season.

Beside Christian Christmas verses, you might also like to add a Bible verse either on the front of the homemade Christmas card or inside the card.

Bible Scripture Verses For Your Christian Christmas Cards

For God so loved the world, 

that He gave His only begotten Son, 

that whosoever believeth in Him 

should not perish but have everlasting life. 

~ John 3:16

Have one or two Christian Christmas verses to share with us. Contact me and I will add your christian christmas cards verses here. 

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