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Time passes so fast. Greeting Cards Blog Jan05 is now listed as Past Blogs here on my site. You will see from here that January 2005 had been a rather busy time for me - not many blogging done. Well, things are settling down now after the Lunar New Year so I hope to dedicate more time to blogging and my sites.

But everyday is a great day and I wish you one too.

Have a specially wonderful kind of day!

(Sat Jan 15 21:38:43 2005)

Message From Heather D. (United States)


Just found your site through a link from Creative Cards.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity, and thank you for going to the work of maintaining a website.  I've signed up for your newsletter and look forward to receiving my first e-issue!

Thank you again for your generosity.

Flora:  Thanks, Heather. I hope to put in more materials on the site. And also to include a contest in my newsletters each month. Hope to find some sponsors for the prizes.  All these in the next issue : Issue 003 : Happy Valentines!

(Sat Jan 15 15:18:32 2005)

Message From Yasmin D. (United Kingdom)

Hi Flora,

just found your wonderful site; tried out the mothers day card tech. re ironing napkin onto cling-flim which i place on the card.  unfortunately this did not work i.e did not stick!  Can you advise if i need to use special type of clingfilm (you say wrap is there a difference?).  Thanks.  Love your site and hope to try out your projects.  Thanks - yasmin

Flora :  Thank you, Yasmin, for your feedback. You need to peel and use only the printed layer of napkin. Put your clingfilm on your card. Lay the napkin on the clingfilm and another piece of cotton cloth on top(optional: to protect your iron from being stained). Iron the stack. You might need to turn iron higher. I use GLAD clingwrap. Hope this helps.

(Sat Jan 15 09:00:23 2005)

Message From Charlene M.(United States)

What is "cellulose thinner" and where might I find it?

Thank you for a wonderful website!

Flora : Thank you, Charlene. Cellulose thinner is a paint thinner. You can get it from your hardware/paint shop or craft store. Or do an image search on Google. Most sites have photos.

cellulose thinner

(Sat Jan 15 08:56:01 2005)

Message From Diane L. (United States)

I just want to thank you for sharing your wonderful creations and maintaining this fabulous site. Have a great weekend.

Flora :  Thank you, Diane, for that encouraging post. This is one of the many reasons why I would continue to build this site than spend that time watching a video or TV programme.

11th January 2005 (Tuesday 15:21pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Shoe Card

Another card uploaded! Find out how to make this Shoe Card. This is one design of shoes that I just do not know how to wear. I know these shoes can make ones legs look slimmer and longer. Still, I will stick to my platform and walking shoes:~D

08th January 2005 (Wednesday 23:45pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Origami Valentine Card

Another day of card making. I have just uploaded a page on Happy Valentine Cards. Had spent the whole day making this one card and writing the page.

Hmmm...time to get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow, the kids will be here. Love to spend time with them.

05th January 2005 (Wednesday 21:39pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Homemade Bookmarks For Book Lovers!

Today, I have a really fruitful day. I was able to upload lots of graphics to my website.

Will be building more pages in the next few days. I have also built a page on making bookmarks. Had so much fun making those bookmarks.

The handmade cards page has also been updated with more cards.

Will relax tonight with a video show.

05th January 2005 (Wednesday 01:13am - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

A New Scanner!

Today, I went to Sim Lim Square to look for a new scanner. Since my old scanner is attached to my Mac and rather old, I have been thinking of getting a new one for my PC. So off I went without much idea what scanner to buy.

Dave from Skylet Computer was very helpful when I told him what I need it for. He recommended EPSON PERFECTION 1650.

Well, it's now attached and I will scan some photos tomorrow and see how good it is.

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