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31st October 2004 (Sunday 16:45pm)

Message received from Harsha F.(Singapore):

hi Flora,

your site is truly informative and i thank you for that. I'm Harsha, from Singapore. Your name sounds like you're from Asian, are you? if you dont mind me asking..

If you're in Singapore, i would like to know if you do host a card making workshop?



30th October 2004 (Saturday 16:30pm)

Message received from Sandy M.(U.S.A.):

Thank you so much for the spirograph cards.  Please put some more on your website.  I just fell in love with the spirograph.  Mine is from KLUTZ.  They have a website  My set came with 4 wheels, a frame and a book.  A little tricky to use at first but then once you get going great!!!  I use mine with my rubber stamps.  Make the spirograph design and stamp in the middle of the circle.  Or stamp first and then put on top the spirograph design.  Mount one of the stamps you use on the base on top.  Almost looks like 3-D. 

29th October 2004 (Friday 22:43pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Thank you for all your feedbacks. I have been fixing some broken links and also working on more templates to upload to the site.

Actually today I have uploaded four more templates. I hope they are useful to your cardmaking needs.

24th October 2004 (Sunday 23:11pm)

Message received from Denise G.(U.S.A.):

What a wonderful service you offer!  Bless you!

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 23:11pm)

Message received from Hope W.(U.S.A.):

Can't wait to start browsing.

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 22:07pm)

Message received from Beverly D.(Australia):

I would like to receive your ezine re card making etc.  My great joy in life!

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 19:37pm)

Message received from Barb W.(U.S.A.):

I've been a crafter for many of my 72 years. Started making cards when my husband suffered from heart failure a couple of years ago. Now - I'm HOOKED - and want to learn as much as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to expand my card-making abilities.

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 13:38pm)

Message received from Carolyn A.(U.S.A.):

Hi Flora, I'm actually in Canada but for some reason that choice doesn't appear on your dropdown list so I picked the closest one! Thanks for all the hard work on your site, the templates are great!

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 13:03pm)

Message received from Dyan C.(U.S.A.):

You have a wonderful website with lots of terrific information, especially for beginning stampers.  It's nicely organized and interesting without being cluttered. Just wanted to tell you what a great job you did.

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 12:29am)

Message received from Kathy S.(U.S.A.):

Please subscribe me to your ezine

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 11:54am)

Message received from Diane M.(U.S.A.): "

would like to subscribe to your ezine. Thanks.

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 11:23am)

Message received from Kara H.(U.S.A.):

On your home page you have a pic of a card with a purse on the front...can you please tell me how you made that!  I think that is SOOOO cute and I would like to use the idea for a b-day invite for my daughters. Thanks.Kara"


Kara, I emailed you.

:~D  Flora

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 11:17am)

Message received from Julie F..(U.S.A.):

please subscribe me to your e-zine

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 11:00am

Message received from Betty M.(U.S.A.):

I'm excited to find this~

23rd October 2004 (Saturday 10:34am)

Message received from Dee A.(U.S.A.):


I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your site.

Thank you.

21st October 2004 (Thursday 16:05pm)

Message received from Elise K.(U.S.A.):

Neat ideas, Flora.

20th October 2004 (Wednesday 13:05pm)

Message received from Ruth L.(U.S.A.):

THANKS MUCH--looking forward to it. I have been stamping for almost as long--but nowhere near the talent you have.  Nevertheless, I love it and decided to put my card output to use.  I contacted my church and have been sending birthday cards to senior members 75 and older (over 200) and Thinking of you to families who have experienced a death on the first anniversary. 

Have a friend in a neighboring parish who took over my job when I changed locations.  She has added cards to new members and families when baby is baptized.  She has help.  I'm just getting a group started.

Pass this tip on. 

I have found that the seniors are just thrilled to be remembered.  (I have rec'd thank you cards from them!)  No one writes letters anymore and most mail is either bills or junk mail.  I also make a special effort to jazz up the envelope so they can see right away that this is something special just for them.  Sometimes I can even get "Happy Birthday" stamps from the post office--but not always."

16th October 2004 (Saturday 22:24pm)

Message received from Sally H.(U.S.A.):

I know I will love everything that you're offering here.  It will take a while to go through everything.

16th October 2004 (Saturday 21:58pm)

Message received from Kathie G.(U.S.A.):

Love your website. Thanks for spreading stamping in your country.

16th October 2004 (Saturday 19:31pm)

Message received from Brenda M.(New Zealand):

Just love your page - and you are not trying to sell me anything!

Keep the ideas flowing, already inspired me.

16th October 2004 (Saturday 11:32am)

Message received from Gayle W.(USA):

your site is great!

15th October 2004 (Friday 11:02am)

Message received from Beth P.(USA):

Hi Flora....your website's looking great!!  Thanks for making it available for so many to view your beautiful work and for all your hints & tips! =)

14th October 2004 (Thursday 15:22pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Having so much fun making Spirograph Cards . I think everyone should try it. It is not just fun but also a good de-stressing tool.

07th October 2004 (Thursday 01:54pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

I have been joyfully busy making Christmas cards; anticipating the smiles on the recipients' faces when they receive them. Have you started your Christmas cards yet? I will be uploading them to the site with instructions as soon as I'm done. Should be soon so do come back and check. Look under Christmas Cards. I will build a page dedicated to this festive season. If you have any idea for Christmas cards, do email me.

06th October 2004 (Wednesday 12:03am)

Message received from Judy L.(USA):

What an absolutely WONDERFUL website, Flora !!  This will be a place that I will go to very often to see new ideas.  Thank you for doing this !!  

--Judy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

05th October 2004 (Tuesday 23:16pm)

Message received from Shelly N.(USA):

woohoo, what a great idea.

05th October 2004 (Tuesday 13:09pm)

Message received from Kathleen S.(USA): "

our website is wonderful.  A great place to find info on making cards.  Keep up the great work."

05th October 2004 (Tuesday 09:44pm)

Message received from Terry G.(USA):

Sounds like your e-zine will be a great resource for newbies like me!

05th October 2004 (Tuesday 08:08pm)

Message received from Julie K.(Taiwan):

Hi Flora, glad that you're able to be active on OSA.  I'm a hop skip and a jump away.  My good friend Kristy just moved to Singapore.  She's a stamper and a scrapper.  Started her own fiber business  Love your website.  Gonna go check it out some more.  Smiles,

Julie K in Taiwan"

05th October 2004 (Tuesday 06:44pm)

Message received from Patricia A.(USA):

I have been stamping and making cards for 4 years now.  Can't wait to see what new ideas you might have.  I have also just started to sell my cards

-- Love the site, very informative."

3rd October 2004 (Sunday 21:25pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Just thought I share with you a photo of my niece against a big panel of quilts.

quilt backgroundRuyi Against the Quilt

3rd October 2004 (Sunday 11:47am -Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Since I last posted, I have been browsing through my books and magazines on cardmaking,

Rubber Stamping Supplies  and papercrafts. Also found some books on designs and layouts. Didn't even know that I have those.:~D

Getting lots of ideas for some new cards.

Well, not today though.

My nieces and nephew are coming over today. It's being Sunday. And I just love to play with them.

Maybe I will guide them to make some children cards. Will go look for some cute rubber stamps and washable ink pads.

Kids love to stamp on almost everything especially the whitewashed walls.

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