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2nd Page of Handmade Cards

View Barbara Phelps 2 - beautiful handmade cards by Barbara who has graciously sent me her creations. 

These cards are really works of love. Barbara has put in lots of effort and time into these cards and the overall result is remarkable.

I love these creations of Barbara.

Barbara has also included a brief explanation for each of her cards. So I will just let her explain to you how each card is done and with what materials. 

Barbara : For this anniversary card, I simply used paper, no stamping. The love and marriage I typed onto paper using my PC.

I used dark purplish blue cardstock as the base, pasted a beautiful floral decorative paper over it. Then I pasted a heart embossed vellum over the floral. I pleated some decorative paper to add on the left side of the words. I then cut out some flowers from the floral paper and pasted them using an adhesive pop dot to add some dimension. I then added a butterfly and ribbon.

Barbara : This card is simply a study in black and white as well as a natural prey and predator card.

I just stamped the lion's head with black ink and layered it onto various decorative black and white papers, and added the little zebra button in the lower right-hand corner.

Barbara : For this card I stamped the grape cluster, coloring it with chalks and blending pen.

The tan, rough background was achieved by tearing pieces of masking tape and randomly placing the torn pieces on to cardstock. I then swiped the tape with dye inks in soft brown and soft olive green.

Finally, I layered on to wine colored cardstock and a green cardstock, and topped it off with a soft purple bow.

Beside Barbara Phelps 2 - View More Cards by Barb

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Cards by Other Readers

There's a whole section of handmade cards created by readers of this cardmaking website. Click on the link below to browse cards by these creative people.

Cards by Readers

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