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This Greeting Cards Blog Apr 2005 page contains all my blogs in April 2005.

You will notice that I have not posted much in Greeting Cards Blog Apr 2005. Well, I was busy with so many other offline stuffs.

25th April 2005 (Monday 08:54am - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Happy Red Hats Day!

Hi! Here's Flora wishing all readers who are Red Hatters and Pink Hatters a very Happy Red Hats Day.

Enjoy yourself!

15th April 2005 (Friday 12:15pm - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

GreetingNews! Delivered!

The 4th issue of the GreetingNews! went out today. And I have received my first feedback. 

See the post and my reply below:

Miriam Stoveken writes:

Dear Flora,

I so enjoyed my first issue. It was fun and lots of interest. The red hat ladies are becoming very popular and the best thing about it is that they are truly enjoying themselves. Too many of us older ladies tend to complain about getting older and they truly celebrate it. 

- Miriam

Hi Miriam,

I'm so glad you enjoy the GreetingNews! I really enjoy researching about the Red Hats ladies. They are indeed a remarkable group of ladies and I hope that I will be like them - embracing and celebrating getting past 50.

11th April 2005 (Monday 11:01am - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Best Card Making Books!

Just added Best Card Making Books to the site. Will add more books which I believe are helpful to cards crafters.

10th April 2005 (Sunday 11:59am - Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Red Hat Society & Red Hats Cards!

Two new pages, Red Hats Cards and A Brief Background on The Red Hat Society had been uploaded to the site. Two more weeks before the Red Hat Day - April 25th -so I thought I made a card as a tribute to this remarkable society of women. Then I found myself enjoying it so much, I ended up making four cards altogether in one afternoon. I think red and purple are real happy colors.

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