Greeting Cards Templates 04: More Templates Here

Greeting cards templates 04 is another page of cardmaking templates for downloading onto your computer to make your homemade cards. These are all created in Pagemaker and later converted to PDF files.

To print them you need to have Adobe Reader version 5 or above on your computer. Get Adobe Reader.

spirograph backgroundSpirograph Design Background

Note: Please do not copy and upload this greeting cards templates to your websites or any group's websites. You can link to this page or forward this page to a friend or your groups freely. These templates are for you to personally download onto your computer and use freely on your cards. Thank you for your cooperation. Just that I have spent many nights working on these templates. Enjoy!:~D

Just click on any of the links below to view and print directly.

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Sketch Log Template - print pages of this - bind them together to make your own sketch book or on card stocks and just file them. Click here to view an example.

Spiral Template - a spiral design that you can use for journalling, or make a spiral pop-out card. Another idea is to make a spiral journey design with start and end of journey.

Spirograph Design 1 - spirograph design to print and colour. Cut out and use in your card.

Spirograph Design 2 - a different spirograph design. If you like the first one, you will surely love this.

Spirograph Background 1 - a background design using spirograph to create. Refer to the above image.

Spirograph Background 2 - another one to use as background on our handmade greeting cards.

Stars Template - stars with many points. For badges, or sun rays. Or background for layering. Can also use as a frame or for words.

Triangle Template - triangles sitting on triangles. :-D Click and see for yourself.

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More Templates

  • Templates Page 1 - Chinese Postcard template, circle template, circle with eight segments template, Artist Trading Card template including an envelope template.
  • Templates Page 2 - Japanese wave design, Japanese postcards and Happy Father's Day card printables.
  • Templates Page 3 - Origami Christmas Tree template with link to the origami christmas tree greeting card I created, Origami Valentines Card template, and postcard templates.

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