Traditional Wreath Christmas Cards

Wreath Christmas cards have always been popular and they are still in demand. Christmas wreaths are hanged on the doors and entrances of homes year after year.

Usually, these beautiful wreaths were created with dried and silk flowers and accented with various kinds of materials like pine cones and berries, etc. Visitors are greeted at the door of the house by these lovely wreaths.

Wreath Christmas Card made years ago but this card design will always be popular any time.Floral Wreath Christmas Card

Likewise, sending wreath Christmas cards bring to the recipients that same feeling of Christmas hospitality and warm.

I have created two wreath design cards. One spotting the traditional look and the other a more modern watercolored design. 

Have it look!

Wreath Christmas Cards : Traditional Card Design

For the traditional look, I have created this simple Christmas greeting card design that has a wreath as the focus point. I used a wreath image rubber stamp by PSX (refer below for more information about PSX). I bought it quite a few years back so I don't know whether you can buy it still.

The above is one of the traditional Christmas cards created.

About PSX

Unfortunately, PSX (Personal Stamp Exchange) is no longer in business. I believe their line of rubber stamps were taken over by Inkadinkado. Now most of their stamps are collector items. I have some of their catalogues and they are just beautiful. You might be able to buy them cheaply on eBay though.

I stamped the image on white card stock with watermark ink and heat embossed with green embossing powder. Then I use watercolour to colour the rubber stamped wreath image. The watercolour dry quickly so I was able to trim around the image immediately. I also used a pen-knife to cut out the centre portion. Pierce two holes at the top in the middle of the ribbon and add the gold ribbon. After that, I layered it onto a piece of cream coloured 4.75 X 4.75" square card with double sided foam to give it a 3D effect.

This is then layered onto a red 4.8" X 4.8" square card. Then glue it onto a green blank card front centring it. (The green blank card when folded measures 6" x 6" square.)

Note that watercolour dried quickly and also the colours become lighter. If you want a strong colour, just layer on after it's dried or start with a stronger hue of the colour used.

Lastly, I stamped 'holiday CHEER', a Christmas greeting from one of Hero Arts' clear stamp collections, in black on a scrap piece of the cream colored card. This was heat embossed with clear embossing powder. This was mounted on the center of the card right in the middle of the wreath with double sided foam.

Wreath Christmas Cards: Hand painted Design

The above is one that I hand painted using watercolour as a colouring media.  First, I drew a circle with light pencil. I used a tin can. It was just the right size. Place it on the card and draw a around lightly with a pencil.

Then I mixed three shades of green and also a bit of red. Also added a Merry Christmas word stamp image in black permanent ink on the centre of the wreath. Finally, use a green fine marker to draw in the details of the leaves. Did you notice that I missed out one leaf. :-)

The above wreath Christmas card was my very first attempt. Hope you like it and can use it as an example for your own watercolored wreath Christmas cards.

What to put inside the wreath Christmas cards?

Christmas quote? Maybe a Christmas verse or a personal handwritten note.

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